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How To Cut Vinyl Lattice

When you are looking at options for a fence, wood is not the only answer. Vinyl lattice is great because it is more affordable and it is also very easy to look after. But to get the right size lattice you need to cut it. This means if you do not already know you need to learn about cutting vinyl lattice the right way so that you do not end up with chipping and have a nice smooth finish. If you cannot cut it correctly it will not be as attractive. When you do it the right way you get something robust that can handle all kinds of weather, rain, strong sun, wind and so on. It does not easily damage or fade and it is easy to keep clean. Here is a look at the process to follow.

How to cut plastic lattice or vinyl

Here is a guide to successfully cutting vinyl or plastic lattice. If you are unsure about it, do not have the basic tools or just don’t have the time, you can get support and hire a contractor to cut and put up the new fence for you.

1. Put on gloves and protective eyewear

It is important to wear all the protective gear you need during this kind of work. Eye protection in the form of goggles so nothing enters your eyes. Dust is created when you cut into the lattice and you likely are not even aware it can do quite a bit of damage to your eyes. A good pair of thick gloves are needed as well to protect your fingers and hands from any kind of injury or accident.

2. Measure carefully the area you are covering with the lattice

So often when people are working on projects they forget to measure so they estimate and get it wrong, or they measure but do not double-check their measurement and get it wrong! Take a measuring tape and a pencil and mark where you need to cut. Then get a scale so you can make the mark a straight line. Helps you cut straight when you are ready.

3. When cutting make sure there is no movement in the vinyl lattice

It is important in how to cut vinyl lattice to keep it still so that you cut it straight and smoothly. To do this you need to use some clamps. Place several clamps at the side of the lattice so that you are sure it is secure. Double-check them to make sure they are tightly on. Some people try to skip this step thinking it is less important and a hassle when in fact it is very important for a good cut.

4. Cutting the vinyl lattice

Take a cutting blade and a circular saw and start to cut your vinyl lattice. The cutting blade needs to be one made for the purpose of cutting vinyl and make sure it is sharp. A blunt knife will not give you good results at all and could even lead to an accident. If you cannot find a vinyl lattice blade you can use a regular one but it really needs to be sharp.

5. Operate the circular saw between the panels

When you have cut the fence with the blade and saw you should run the saw between the panels of the fence. Do not run the blade though as that is how chipping happens. When you finish cutting you should see a nice finish that is clean and smooth. Be patient so you do not accidentally crack it.

What to use when cutting vinyl lattice

As mentioned the two tools you need ideally for cutting vinyl lattice is a vinyl cutting blade and a circular saw. These are the two tools that experts use and recommend others use too. Some use a handsaw or a trim saw but circular saws are the best as that is one of the things they are made to cut. The problem is more people have a handsaw in the shed than a circular saw so may choose to use the other rather than buying or renting a saw. If you have never used a circular saw you might also find it harder to use. If the lattice is already in place you can use a quality angle grinder instead of a circular saw for ease of use and access.

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