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Bearded plumber holding a monkey wrenchAt Handyman Guides, we are the resource you need for all Handyman and DIY buying guides. Our site offers Tool Buying Guides for many different types of equipment ranging from power and hand tools, welding equipment, gardening tools, and so much more.

Who We Are

Handyman Guides was created by Mike, a guy who is interested in finding the best equipment available on the market. Being the best starts with having the top-quality equipment to do the tasks right. You cannot be a handyman unless you have the right tools and equipment to do the job. So, Mike started the Handyman Guides site.

Since our site was founded, it has grown considerably over the years to include a team of testers, writers, and reviewers who bring their insight into finding the best equipment for handymen and women on the market today. As we keep growing, our site provides you with more information about all types of equipment available on the market.

Buying Guides

Our focus is to create in-depth buying guides based on our experience with the many different pieces of equipment available. We break down our guides into categories, so you can find them easily on our site. The guides themselves are written with the following information in mind:

  • Essential Features
  • How to Use the Product
  • What You Should Look for in Purchasing New Equipment

Our buying guides are created from many hours of testing. This ensures that our information is based on its actual use and not just what the advertising promises. Once completed, each piece of equipment that is included in the guide is rated for the following;

  • Overall Performance
  • Affordability
  • High Quality

While price is important, our testing goes beyond that to let you know if something is truly worth what it cost. In many instances, paying a little more may get you higher quality equipment. Or, there are many examples where the best is often the lowest priced. We focus on the equipment itself by doing the research necessary to let you know all the important aspects.

Testing Equipment

Creating an in-depth buying guide for all sorts of equipment means rating what we have tested in four different categories:

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Customer Ratings

With over 40 hours spent creating a single buying guide, the Handyman Guides turns over every stone to ensure that the information included is accurate and meaningful to you. Let us be your guide to finding the right equipment for your needs.

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