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Choosing The Best Angle Grinders

Have you got any metal fabrication or DIY cutting work in your to-do list, then you might need a proficient angle grinder to meet all the needs. But what type of angle grinders will do the best for you? Here you’ll get to know in this guide. Let’s start!

Angle grinders are versatile handheld tools that can not only deal with cutting or grinding the metals but can rout out the motor, polish and sharpen the objects as well. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy the best angle grinders for your garage, workshop, or home use, then you must start with thinking about what kind of job you’re going to perform.

However, some features remain at the top in the consider-list, including reliability, ruggedness, and durability of the angle grinders. There’s no point in making a considerable investment that will last one week or two!

Choosing the best angle grinders can be a confusing or tedious task to do because of so many options. The market is saturated with such products having different speeds, power type, output efficiency, and warranty options. But you don’t need to worry as we have done the homework for you! Here we’re covering the three best angle grinders of all time that will let you do all the tasks regarding metal cutting, sharpening, and polishing next time. Let’s explore!

1. DEWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool

Perform extraordinary in your upcoming metal cutting and sharpening tasks with this highly proficient DEWALT Angle Grinder utilizing its upgraded features!


Extended Runtime:

You won’t need an angle grinder that will run at somewhat lower RPMs! Here’s the best choice for you then. This DEWALT Angle Grinder comes equipped with the brushless motor technology. This upgraded technology will cause the spindle to rotate at about 11000 RPM speed. It is one of the best weight to size ratios you’ll get in the market.

Ergonomic Design:

DEWALT never stops to impress with the design of its gadgets. The same is the case here with this one of the best angle grinders. It features a minimalistic and ergonomic design that will provide the extraordinary grip and stability once you set it on your desired grinding object. This traction and durability will save you from injuries as the motor is rotating at such higher RPMs just inches away from your hand.

One-Touch Guard:

When it comes to safety and protection, no one can beat the DEWALT angle grinder. There’s a reason why!

This device features the one-touch guard, which will let you adjust the position with a single touch. There are no levers needed to do so. Moreover, the guard can even rotate to 360-degrees as well.

Quick Change:

There might be a time when you need to change the wheel of an angle grinder and fit a new one. You don’t need to spend pennies on it except as you can fit it on your own. The Quick-ChangeTM Wheel Release system will eject out the wheel with a single touch so you can place the new one without any tool.


You cannot deny the durability of this DEWALT angle grinder that makes it a perfect choice in the list of best angle grinders. There is Dust Ejection Feature that will enhance this device’s life by reducing the damage to internal parts by dust and debris.

Efficient Functioning:

It features a spindle size of 5/8″- 11 in with a corded function to cut sharp and polish the objects. You can also cut the tiles as per your needs with the power 11 Amp AC/DC motor.

  • Quick change wheel system
  • One-Touch Guard
  • 2-position side handle
  • Hook to hang the device
  • Carry case not included


2. Makita GA7021 Angle Grinder

A powerful angle grinder that comes equipped with so many advanced features for the user’s convenience in handling the fabrication tasks.


Powerful Motor:

No angle grinder is useful without a robust and sturdy motor! That’s where this Makita GA7021 fits in the list of best angle grinders. This device features the powerful 15 Amp motor that can rotate the wheel at the RPM of 6000. This higher speed is enough to achieve efficiency in all kinds of metal cutting, grinding, polishing, and tile cutting tasks.

Comfort and Convenience:

It’s easy to work with this handy and simple Makita GA7021 angle grinder. The reason behind this fact is its user-friendly design and some upgraded features. These features include the soft rubberized grip and trigger switches.

The soft rubberized grips will help the user to hold the device firmly while dealing with the hard objects. On the other hand, the rear trigger switch can lock the wheel immediately for extra safety and convenience.

Wheel Guard:

No one would like to waste time while operating with tools and adjusting this angle grinder for hours. That’s why this Makita angle grinder offers a simple design with tool-free adjustment features. It has the wheel guard which can be adjusted via a single touch.

Extra Protection:

While cutting or dealing with the precious metal objects, tiles or any other material, you might damage it. But that’s not the case with this Makita 7021. It listens to its user’s needs and comes with a solution to all such problems. A large protective rubber is employed near the rotating wheel so that you will not damage the object.

No Dust and Debris:

Dust and debris are the common causes of failure for all the angle grinders. Makita 7021 has come up with a sorted solution for this problem. Various mechanisms have been employed to save your device from dust.

First of all, a zig-zag varnish will help protect the armature inside from getting jammed due to dust. Moreover, labyrinth construction enhances the life of the motor by reducing the damage due to all such contaminants.

Bevel Gears:

The spiral bevel gears are the part of this angle grinder that will not only give smooth rotations but an efficient outcome.

Accessories Included:

All the accessories are included within the box. It consists of a side handle, wheel guard, lock nut, wrench, and manual.

  • Cordless and corded both
  • Less noise
  • 53.5% longer runtime
  • 9000 RPM power
  • 26 pieces of accessories
  • The battery needs to be replaced after some time


3. KIMO 20V Brushless Angle Grinder

Utilize the dual technology, i.e. corded and cordless, to reach the confined areas where the ordinary corded angle grinder cannot reach and perform.


Cordless + Connected Ready:

What can one do when not near the power source? You can opt for this cordless angle grinder. Yes! You heard it right. This angle grinder has dual power options, i.e. cordless and corded ready. Choosing the cordless option when you need to reach a confined area for work is always a right choice. This way, you don’t need an extension and messy cords all around.

Efficient Power Ability:

KIMO angle grinder is one such device that occupies multiple features and attributes to perform various tasks with its efficient power ability. This device comes with the brushless motor that can rotate the spindle at the higher RPMs. Moreover, it contains the copper and superior quality magnets so that the operation becomes smoother and stable.

KIMO Li-Ion Technology:

Every worker wants to have longer runtime and durability from his gadgets. Here’s the KIMO angle grinder that holds the ability to have 53% more run time as compared to ordinary devices in the market with its 4.0 Ah Li-ION battery. Moreover, KIMO has tested the Li-Ion battery multiple times which assures you of the powerful and long-lasting operations.

Cooling System:

The machine has an optimum working temperature, i.e. 47-degrees Celsius. It needs to be maintained! KIMO angle grinder comes with an optimized ventilation system that can maintain the flow of outside air towards the internal components for this purpose. Moreover, overcurrent protection will save the device from burnout.

Ergonomic Design:

While cutting, polishing, and grinding the device needs to be stable and must have enough traction to avoid slipping away. Therefore, KIMO has come with an ergonomic design and rubber grip from stability even at the 9000 RPMs. You can cut concrete, tiles, grind metal and more at higher RPMs.

Grip Handle:

A 2-position grip handle is employed in this angle grinder to have safe operations. You can adjust the handle’s position with a single touch without any tool needed.

Accessories Included:

KIMO helps its users to build trust. The package includes all the 26 accessories so that you don’t need to buy any! It includes 10x sandpaper, 5x metal cutting wheels, 1x wood cutting wheel, 1x hook, 1x carry bag, 1x battery, 1x wrench and 5x grinding wheel and 1x backing plate.

  • Cordless and corded both
  • Less noise
  • 53.5% longer runtime
  • 9000 RPM power
  • 26 pieces of accessories
  • The battery needs to be replaced after some time

Comparison Chart

ProductsMotorSpindle SizeRPMsSide Handle Adjustability
DEWALT DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool11 Amp5/8"-11 in110002 positions
Makita GA7021 Angle Grinder15 Amp5/8"-18 in60003 positions
KIMO 20V Brushless Angle Grinder20V (2000 micro-amperage)4-1/2 In90002 positions

Buying Guide:

Whether you’re a professional worker or a just a DIY enthusiast who loves to work on creating new things, therefore, we suggest you invest in the best angle grinders to complete your basic home tool kit. The angle grinder, as already mentioned, is involved in a variety of operations, i.e. grinding, cutting, polishing and sharpening as well. Choosing the best angle grinders will help you conquer the work field. But how is it possible?

Here in this guide, we’ll move you through all the factors and attributes that you need to consider before buying the best angle grinders for safe and efficient work experience.

Factors You Need To Consider:

Corded or Cordless:

Most of the angle grinders are corded, but now some of the brands are launching their cordless angle grinders as well. Both of these have their own perks, and it depends on your job type to choose the best-suited. Whenever you’re working in the right places or the places that are far away from the power plug, going for the cordless models will be the right choice.

On the other hand, if you can manage to have the wire extensions and the operations are very time consuming, then you need to go for the corded ones as the battery won’t last long.

Wheel Sizes:

Wheel sizes correspond to the power of angle grinders. The bigger the size, the more powerful is the device. While when it comes to the smaller wheel size, the angle grinder’s precision will be higher. Therefore, again it depends on the job type which you need to perform. If you’re going to deal with the tight places then choosing the compact one will be the right choice.

However, dealing with more substantial objects that need more power to be cut or polish, you need angle grinders with larger wheel sizes.

Speed or RPMs:

Speed can affect the overall performance of the angle grinders. Most of the best angle grinders have the RPMs ranging from 1000 to 10,000. Faster the speed, the less time consuming the job will be. However, an untrained expert needs to keep his hands on the lower speeds first to avoid any accident. Also, make sure to buy an angle grinder with variable speed options.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q. Why do you need the angle grinders?
A. No matter if you’re a professional worker or a hobbyist who likes to make DIY things, buying an angle grinder is the need. You can cut, grind, polish, and sharpen the metal objects. Apart from metal, you can cut rubber, concrete and tile as well.

Q. How can one remove the disc of an angle grinder?
A. Strike the disc towards the disc’s arrow. It will loosen the nut to remove the disc. Make sure to turn off the power supply before doing this.

Q. Is it safe to use the angle grinders?
A. In terms of safety, many protective features are employed. A rubberized grip handle makes sure that the device won’t slip away. A protective rubber is added to keep the objects safe from additional scratches.

Q. Can you cut metal with angle grinders?
A. The specific metal disc comes with an angle grinder to efficiently cut the metal objects.


An angle grinder is versatile handheld devices that can perform multiple functions in such a compact size. Make sure to know the job type before you opt one for you. We have mentioned the best angle grinders in this regard above. Keep your hand on these to perform extraordinarily!


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