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How To Drill Through Tiles

If you’ve finished off your tiling work it can be difficult to face having to drill holes into your tiles with the potential risk of ruining your hard work.

Whether you’re looking to drill these holes into the tiles because you want to install bathroom accessories, or you need to add shelves to a wall, you don’t have to worry about cracking those beautiful tiles!

Let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to make sure that you prevent your tiles from cracking when drilling a hole into them. Read on to find out the safest way to complete this task.

Be aware of the tile type

Different tiles are all very different when it comes to drilling holes through them. When you start to think about the process of drilling through tiles you will need to consider the types of tiles that you will need to drill through.

If you have porcelain or natural stone tiles then you will notice that they are not as tough as ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are a lot tougher than this, and if you are dealing with ceramic tiles then you will need to exert some more strength in order to break through the tiles.

You will need a specialist drill and drill bits to get through ceramic tiles, too. This is because you will need to break through the glaze and the porcelain tile itself which is underneath the glaze.

What tools will you need?

A power drill is essential when you are drilling holes in tiles. This is the most important tool that you will require for this job.

The drill bit that is on the drill is the most important part of the power drill, and you need to make sure that you are using one that will be effective and efficient in completing the job.

You will not be able to use an old or worn-out drill bit, as this is much more likely to damage the surface of the tile. Make sure that you sharpen your drill bit or use a new drill bit if you want to ensure that there is no damage done.

You will also need a mask and some safety goggles when you are drilling holes in your tiles. This is because the tiles are sometimes quite dense and this debris gets kicked up in the air.

You will need a specialist drill bit to drill through tiles. This is because they are very hard and you will need a strong drill to get through them.

Step-by-step guide of how to drill through tile

How To Drill Through Tiles

Measure and mark

The first step to drilling through tiles is to measure the area where you want to place the hole. You will need to measure the tile, then measure again, and then make a mark on the tile where you want to make the hole.

After you have done this, you should consider placing masking tape over the tile so that you can create some tension between the tile and the drill itself.

If you need to drill a few different holes then you will want to consider creating a template for this.

This is a good idea because it will be a good way to hold the drill in place and stop it from slipping when you start drilling. You can create a template like this using a block of wood.

Drill guides are also a great help when you are drilling holes in tiles. They can guide the drill so that it enters the correct place.

You can also opt for a tiling tool which comes in the form of a plastic casing. This is attached to the tile and you can drill through it so that your holes are accurate.

Start drilling

The next step after you have measured up your tile and marked out where your hole will go is to start drilling your tile.

Tiles can be difficult to drill through. While they are designed to withstand lots of wear and tear, this hardiness makes them difficult to drill into. You have to ensure that you are drilling with caution when you start this section of the task.

It is tempting to just go straight for it when it comes to drilling a hole in your tiles, but this is not the way forward. Instead, you should take things very slowly and ensure that you don’t damage the tile or the drill during drilling.

Start off drilling your hole at a low speed and apply pressure to the point in the tile where you want your hole to be.

When you do this, you should break through the top layer of the tile quite quickly. After this, you should gradually increase the pressure on your tile so that you can drill through the tile and reach the wall.

Drill through the wall

Once you have reached the wall, you should continue drilling your hole. However, you will want to change the drill bit so that it suits the material that is on the other side of the tile.

For instance, if the wall is made from concrete, the masonry drill bit is what you will need. However, if you are attempting to drill through timber or fiber board then you will need to use a wood drill bit.

Don’t let your drill bits overheat

It is important to keep your drill bits cool when you are drilling. In order to do this, you should wet a sponge and dab the drill bit with it every now and then to cool it down. This will prevent it from overheating and shattering the tile.

Final thoughts

If you follow the hints and tips laid out in this article, you will have no problem drilling through your tile.

There are a couple of things that you should bear in mind so that you don’t end up damaging your tile, but if you follow these steps then you will have no problem!





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