Why is it Called a Monkey Wrench?

Bearded plumber holding a monkey wrench

A monkey wrench is a tool that most people are familiar with virtually everyone having at least heard that term. The tool resembles the classic pipe wrench in most ways with a large head and handle. But the main difference is that the jaws of pipe wrench have grooves for a better grip. A monkey …

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7 Best HVLP Spray Guns for Woodworking

Best HVLP Spray Guns for Woodworking

Ask any professional or hobbyist woodworker and they’ll likely tell you that HVLP spray guns are their most preferred tools for spraying finish or seal onto wooden applications. This is due to the fact that the HVLP spray system offers a much easier, faster, safer, and cleaner spray finishing. However, we understand how daunting a …

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