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How To Use An HVLP Spray Gun

When properly used, a paint sprayer can save you time and effort over using rollers or brushes to apply paint. For those in the woodworking field, a paint sprayer can be a highly useful tool for protecting your work. But learning how to properly use an HVLP spray gun will take a little practice. What follows are a few tips that will help you learn how to use this type of spray gun for maximum effect and efficiency.

What is an HVLP Spray Gun?

Standing for high volume low pressure, the HVLP spray gun is primarily designed to paint large surfaces evenly in a short amount of time. There are handheld and automatic versions that allow you either greater control or conveniences depending on the type of surface being painted. Plus, there are different types of spray guns that are used to propel the paint to the surface.

  • Air Guns
  • Electrostatic
  • High Volume
  • Low Volume

Plus, there are different sizes to the tip of the spray gun that lets you dictate the type of paint spray that comes out the end.

How It Works

It will depend on the type of spray gun that you choose, but all of them operate on the same principle of loading in the paint and spraying it on the surface. The spray gun will consist of the tip, trigger, gun, and air compressor. You operate the sprayer as a cross between a gun and a water hose. You aim the tip of the sprayer at the surface, then pull the trigger when you want to release the paint.

To properly operate a paint spray gun, the tip will need to be at a distance from the surface which is indicated in the instructions. Then, as the paint is being sprayed you will need to move the gun along the surface at the same distance for the best results.

  • Choose the Right Spray Gun for the Job Needed
  • Load it With the Type of Paint that is Suitable for the Spray Gun
  • Attach the Hose which Should be Around Six Feet in Length
  • Hold the Gun About Six Inches Above the Surface
  • Move the Gun in Smooth Horizontal or Vertical Lines When Operating

Keep in mind that the paint will be affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Plus, the paint will have to be wet enough to easily come out of the sprayer, yet it should dry quickly so it does not run.

The most notable advantage of the HVLP spray gun when used correctly is that you do not waste any paint. You get clean results with less effort if you hold the spray gun properly. Plus, you will need to choose the right type of sprayer for the job you want to accomplish.

For woodworking, the type of sprayer should be one that is light, easy to use, and able to get around corners so you can fully paint your project. This means a lightweight, portable design that allows for maximum control. Be sure to wear a mask, eye protection, and gloves if needed so you can get protect your eyes and skin from any paint residue.

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