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How Much Does a Handyman Make?

If you are thinking of becoming a handyman, it can be a lucrative profession given your skills, work ethic, and ability to do a wide variety of tasks. Although the salary of a handyman varies depending on location, the type of work that is available, and the ability of customers to pay, the average fee for one hour of work is $83.

$83 per hour may sound like a lot, but there are several factors that go into the salary of a handyman. The per-hour fee may include paying for materials, transportation, and the purchasing of new equipment to get particular jobs accomplished. However, even with all expenses taken into account, being a handyman can be quite profitable for those who are skilled, honest, and dedicated to their work.

How Handymen Charge for Their Services

There are two basic ways that a handyman will charge for their services, per hour or by the task that needs performing. In either case, those who seek the services of a handyman should get a written estimate first before committing to a price.

Jobs that are usually paid by the hour tend to be small tasks that take a relatively short amount of time. For example, repairing a toilet, hanging a new door, or other tasks that may take an hour or two to perform are usually paid by the hour jobs. Keep in mind that there usually is a minimum charge of two hours even for a one-hour task.

The paid-per-job are reserved for larger tasks, such as painting a house for example. This usually means that the handyman will estimate the cost upfront, you sign a contract, and then the work is performed. If something unexpected occurs that requires extra funds, the handyman will either have to negotiate with their customer or pay it themselves.

How to Estimate Costs

If you are considering hiring a handyman to perform a large job, such as painting your home, you can estimate a fair price by adding up all the materials and supplies needed and then doubling it. Of course, if a task may take a long time, you will need to add more to that estimate.

This will help you plan your budget if you are thinking of hiring a handyman to do a particular task. But there are other factors beyond the estimated cost that you should consider as well.

Specialized Tasks

Handymen can be considered generalists in terms of what they do. They perform a wide variety of tasks generally for less money compared to a specialist. However, a specialist such as a plumber can perform plumbing jobs at a higher level compared to a handyman. If you want to fix a simple leak, a handyman is going to be less expensive. But if you need to install new pipes, then you might want a plumber.

Understanding how much a handyman makes not only helps those who may want to become handymen know how much they might earn. It also helps homeowners budget the money necessary to hire the right handymen for the tasks that need to be accomplished.

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