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Tree Stump Giving You Problems? Here Is How To Remove It!

You needed to cut that tree before it becomes a menace in your garden. However, you are left with its stump, which is not so easy to remove. Perhaps, you have tried different options but to no avail? We got you covered! Join us as we discuss some effective DIY methods on how to remove a tree stump.

Removing small tree stumps

By using chemicals.

This is the easiest way how to remove a tree stump. That being said, be ready to invest ample time, especially if you are dealing with large stumps. This method may take up to 12 months, considering that you are rotting the stump. However, on the bright side, you do not have to spend much money to get this done.

By manual labour.

You can remove tree stumps manually by investing tons of physical effort. This is also a cheap option, except if you are buying the tools new. The timeframe depends on the tree stump size, anywhere from 3 hours to 12 hours. You will need a mattock – the broad end is what you will use to dig around the stump. This exudes the dirt around the stump. Now you can use the mattock to cut off the roots from the tree trunk – a small bowl will do the same job.

Removing large tree stumps

As you might have guessed, large stumps or multiple old tree stumps will require a different approach entirely. You need a stump grinder – you can get one at your local home improvement store. The cost of renting is between $100 and $200. Alongside the stump grinder, you should also get a chainsaw, rake, mattock, and shovel.

While going to rent a stump grinder, ensure to make transportation preparations. The machine is usually large and heavy – up to 1,000 pounds. Feel free to ask the rental company – they may offer delivery services.

How do you use a stump grinder?

Follow the steps below to use a stump grinder to remove a large tree stump:

  • Remove the surrounding rocks, dirt, and debris from the tree stump. The shovel and mattock are ideal for this task.
  • Use your chainsaw to cut the protruding parts of the stump until it is at the ground level.
  • Position the stump grinder wheel such that it is a few inches above the stump.
  • Turn on the machine and lower it about three inches.
  • At the new position, use the lever to move it from side to side.
  • Use the grinder wheel to grind the stump down – to about four inches.
  • Continue this until the stump is about 4 inches under the ground.

A stump grinder is a machine you can use by yourself. However, you should do proper research on how best to use it. Also, get the right safety gear and wear to wear while at it.

removing a tree stump in gold coast
Image Credit: JC Tree Services Queensland

Invite the experts

The stress can be overwhelming when removing stumps all by yourself. If you want to avoid this, bring in professionals who are trained at removing stumps. If you are yet to cut down your trees, you should ask the company also to remove the stumps. Although this will cost extra charges, it is worth the investment.

Do not keep stumps around your home. They not only disfigure your space but also serve as a breeding ground for termites, wasps, and other pests. You might also trip over one and injure yourself. Stumps are also known to damage lawnmowers. For these reasons, it is important to keep unwanted tree stumps away from your surroundings. Seek professional help and discuss your needs in removing tree stumps.

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