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How To Fix Concrete Patio Drainage

Are you having issues with a concrete deck or patio that is partially underwater each time you get some heavy rain? Is it even affecting how you use your outdoor space? Patio drainage problems are not uncommon, especially on DIY projects where drainage has not been taken into account at all, or with any accuracy. It is more than just an eyesore though. That water can seep into the basement of your home from pools of water around the house and cause water damage. This kind of problem is more than annoying, it can get very costly to fix. Here are some ways to better judge and fix annoying and potentially damaging concrete drainage problems around your home.

What causes water to pool?

Here are three of the more common reasons people start looking for patio drainage options.

A blocked drainage system

If this pool of water is a recent development, so it used to drain well but now has started collecting water, then this could be the sign of a blocked drainage system. Debris over time collects in the pipes and this creates a clog that means the water can no longer go anywhere and so it starts to pool.

Incorrect sloping

Another reason concrete patio drainage might not be working is that when the patio was designed and put in the correct sloping was not worked out and applied. When the patio has low spots or completely flat ones it lets the water collect. There needs to be a slight angle so the water runs from the surface of the concrete and away from the patio. The angle does not have to be sharp, just a slight slope to direct the water.

Downspouts and roof overhangs directed at the patio

If you have a roof overhang or downspout that is running water off the roof down onto the patio this can lead to the need to fix standing water on patio concrete. A lot of water can collect together very quickly this way.

How to add drainage to concrete patio already there

If the concrete patio or deck is already there and does not have drainage then you will be glad to hear it is not too late to put a system in place. Where the pool of water tends to collect you need to cut concrete to create a sloping channel to move the water away and then fill in with some gravel or attractive stone. You will need a good angle grinder for this. An alternative drain for a concrete patio is to put it in a trench made from metal. They are usually just a few centimetres in width so they are discreet but they are wide enough to let the water trickle or pour through without letting debris in. This means you do not have to worry as often about debris collecting in them and blocking them. They are not a tripping issue because they should be placed so that they are flush against the patio surrounding them.

You can also fix the gutter system on your home so that downspouts and such are not aimed at the patio but away from them. If you want to do something more involved you can install a cement overlay to the patio to change its pitch so that it has a slope. You can add decorative elements to keep it attractive.

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Finding drainage solutions when putting in a new patio

If you find your home regularly has water pooling outside it’s probably best to talk to a plumber about stormwater drainage solutions for the best outcome. Of course, the best way to prevent drainage issues is to plan for it and do it the right way when putting in the new patio or deck. Make sure there is drainage around the concrete patio to prevent water damage and more. If the landscape means it is not possible to create a slope for the patio to run off the water then have the contractor put in an in-slab system for drainage that uses channels filled with gravel to carry it away. Or you could use concrete pavers that are porous or permeable so that when there is heavy rain the water goes through the patio to the ground underneath it. This can help the surrounding landscape as it reduces issues of erosion and too much run-off water.

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