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Best Concrete Drill Bit

When taking on a large project, as a DIY or as a contractor, you need the right tools to complete the job. There’s no point in attacking a job with a screwdriver when you need the power of a drill.

The same goes for the bits you use on your power drill. There is little use for a spade bit with you needing to drill into a large piece of concrete.

Now, if you are new to the world of drilling and home improvements, then this can all be rather confusing.

Below are the 5 best drill bits for drilling into control, or more commonly known as a masonry bit. We have explained what a masonry bit is, what you should look for, and why these 5 are the best!

Keep reading to find out more.

Best Overall
Bosch 2607010546 Multi-Purpose Drill Bit "Robust Line Cyl-9" 5-10mm 7 Pcs
Runner Up
Makita P-51889 Masonry Drillbit Set 13 Piece 4-10.0mm
Best Budget
Irwin 10501893 Masonry Drill Bit for Cordless Drills, 4mm-12mm, 7 Pieces
Draper 18550 Masonry Drill Bit Set, Blue, 15 Pcs
S&R Concrete Stone Masonry Drill Bit Set Made in Germany with Round Shaft 7 Pcs 4x85, 5x85, 6x100,...
Best Overall
Bosch 2607010546 Multi-Purpose Drill Bit "Robust Line Cyl-9" 5-10mm 7 Pcs
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Runner Up
Makita P-51889 Masonry Drillbit Set 13 Piece 4-10.0mm
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Best Budget
Irwin 10501893 Masonry Drill Bit for Cordless Drills, 4mm-12mm, 7 Pieces
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Draper 18550 Masonry Drill Bit Set, Blue, 15 Pcs
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S&R Concrete Stone Masonry Drill Bit Set Made in Germany with Round Shaft 7 Pcs 4x85, 5x85, 6x100,...
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What Is A Masonry Bit?

For drilling into denser materials like concrete, block, and stone, masonry drill bits are created. By using a concrete drill bit, you can lessen noise while reducing the possibility of chipping and cracks.

Masonry bits can be lengths of 4- 400mm long, depending on the surface you are drilling into. When drilling into concrete, it is often recommended to use a masonry bit between 300 to 400mm in length.

They are long pieces of steel that are in the shape of a spiral with indentations along the length of the bit. This allows for easy drilling without causing more damage to the surface.

Bosch Professional Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Robust Set

Tired of having to sharpen your masonry bits after a few uses? The Bosch Professional Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Robust Set is made of fine grade highly durable carbide. Meaning they are sure to remain sharp even through the toughest of materials.

The drill bits can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, sheet metal, ceramic and tile, masonry, and concrete, but they are best suited for drilling with the impact function.

These carbide-tipped masonry bits are among the best available because of their two flute dura design and reinforced core section, which provide additional stability during drilling.

Available in a range of sizes you can start any project knowing that you have a masonry bit for every situation. Available in a 3, 5, or 7 set you will have the most common masonry bits available to hand whenever you need them.


  • Materials: Made of carbide these masonry bits are extremely durable, perfect for a range of uses without dulling quickly.
  • Design: The two-flute dura design and reinforced core means that these masonry bits are stable when drilling.
  • Size Range: Available in sets of 3,5 and 7 you can have the most common size of masonry bits- 4,5,6,8, and 10mm.


  • Price: While made of highly durable materials, this set is rather expensive than others on the market.

Makita Masonry TCT

You will never run out of masonry bits with this 13-piece Makita Masonry TCT set. This set consists of 13 highly durable carbide tipped drill bits.

Perfect for any tough job you may have. From working with a traditional percussion drill, hammer drill, even a combi drill.

Forget about having to change your drill bit for every surface, the Makita Masonry TCT set is brilliant for drilling into light concrete, blockwork, stone, brickwork. And with so many lengths, they have one for every job.

To ensure that you always have the appropriate bit for the task at hand, this drill bit set covers the most popular sizes. In case you lose one or wear one out, there are also some doubles.

The set includes 1 x 4 mm, 1 x 5 mm, 3 x 5.5 mm, 2 x 6 mm, 2 x 6.5 mm, 2 x 7 mm, and 2 x 8 mm bits, and it is reasonably priced while providing a great assortment of small to medium bits.

However, it is important to note that this set is not made for SDS drills. This incredibly affordable set of masonry drill bits are great for someone just entering the world of power tools.


  • Size Range: With 13 masonry pieces you have a whole range of sizes. From 4mm to 8mm you have a bit for every job. Some are even doubled in the event of damage or it is lost.
  • Materials: These masonry bits have a tungsten carbide tip making them extremely powerful and durable.
  • Uses: Drill through blockwork, light concrete, stone, and brickwork with these masonry bits.
  • Price: Extremely affordable for a 13-piece, high-quality set of drill bits.


  • SDS Drills: These masonry drill bits are not suitable for use with an SDS drill. Using them with an SDS drill may cause more damage to the surface.

Irwin Masonry Drill Bit For Cordless Drills Set

Another trustworthy option for a brick drill bit set is the Irwin Masonry Drill Bit Set for Cordless Drills.

The bits have a chrome vanadium body and carbide tips with a single flute design that removes debris from the hole you are drilling effectively and efficiently.

Although, they will cost you a hefty penny. These drill bits are made of some of the most highly durable materials on the market. Meaning they will hold their shape and sharpness for numerous uses.

You can tackle some of the toughest jobs using the Irwin Masonry drill bits as the 7-piece set provides a size for every job.

They are also extremely resistant when under an intense amount of pressure. So, you can complete difficult tasks without worrying about your tools.

The only downfall of the Irwin Masonry Drill Bit Set is that if they are used with high-speed hammer drilling then they may break. These drill bits do not require a high speed drilling action to get the job done.

Afterall, slow and steady wins the race!


  • Materials: Chrome vanadium body and carbide tips make these drill bits extremely durable and perfect for intense pressure.
  • Long Lasting: Due to the high-quality materials and design of the masonry bits, they will hold their shape and sharpness for longer.
  • Set Size: With 13 pieces of masonry drill bits, there isn’t a task you are not prepared for.


  • Price: These masonry bits are extremely expensive compared to other sets on the market.
  • High-Speed Hammer Drilling: Using these drill bits with high-speed hammer drilling will cause them to snap and break.

Draper Masonry Drill Bit Set

In a bind on a job and in need of affordable masonry drill bits to get you through. The Draper Masonry Drill Bit Set includes 15 pieces and is incredibly affordable.

These bits have tips composed of tungsten carbide and are made of tungsten steel. These drill bits can be used in brick and concrete because the carbide tips give the drill bit’s area of greatest impact good strength.

The bit is less likely to break because of the flute design, which also makes it possible to remove waste effectively.

These masonry bits are perfect for the home improvements DIYer or a professional tradesmen in need of a more affordable option.


  • Set Size. With 15 pieces, you have back ups for your back ups with this masonry bit set.
  • Price. Extremely affordable option for those beginning to use power tools or need something less expensive.
  • Materials. A blend of carbide and tungsten steel make these bits extremely durable.


  • Drilling Time. Using these drill bits for tougher materials such as brick and concrete may take some time.

S&R Concrete Masonry Drill Bit Set

If you often find that when drilling you have to stop and wipe away excess first and debris from the hole then you are going to want to try out the S&R Concrete Masonry Drill Bits.

These masonry bits’ reinforced conveying spirals make it possible to effectively remove dust and other debris from the hole you are drilling.

The bits’ carbide tips make sure they stay robust and sharp. Perfect for larger jobs that require durable, high-powered tools.

S&R Concrete Masonry Drill Bits are perfect for lightweight rotary hammer drills, a feature not often found in masonry bits.

They can be used to drill through concrete, brick, and stone. Whether you are a professional or a rookie, you can easily use the S&R Concrete Masonry Drill Bits to complete your tasks.

These drill bits for light concrete and brick fit perfectly into the storage case provided, which has a label for each size.


  • Design: Conveying spirals remove dirt and debris as you drill.
  • Uses: Drill through concrete, brick, and stone with these drill bits. They can also be used with hammer drills.
  • Storage: Keep safe with the storage case that has a label for each size.


  • Price: May be considered expensive for a 7-piece set.

Buyers Guide For Concrete Drill Bits

When looking for the best concrete drill bits, it can be confusing. Everyone claiming that theirs is the most powerful and durable with complex materials, anyone would get overwhelmed.

We have created this simple buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for in your masonry bits.

Design & Materials

Drill bits have various designs and are made from a range of materials. All of which can impact its performance and durability.

When it comes to masonry bits, they will mainly be used for drilling into brick, block, stone, and concrete. Meaning they have to be strong and powerful. Your concrete drill bits should be made from tungsten carbide and constructed into a spiral steel shaft.

The phrase “durium tipped” refers to a highly durable silicon bronze alloy used in place of tungsten as the cutting point in some masonry drills.

However, this will dull a lot quicker than carbide and tungsten steel. Resulting in it needing to be sharpened more often and it may lose its shape.

Ensure the materials of your masonry drill bits are extremely durable and strong. There is nothing worse than being halfway through drilling and the bit breaks or needs to be replaced for something sharper.

Some masonry bits may even be made from chrome vanadium. This is an extremely expensive material, however, it is one of the most durable materials available.

Drill Bit Coatings

Coatings are applied to some drill bits to enhance their performance. Black oxide coatings outlast high-speed steel because they are rust and corrosion resistant.

The drill bit’s strength is increased by tungsten carbide coatings, allowing it to drill through concrete and stone.


As mentioned above, masonry bits are most commonly used for drilling through concrete, brickwork, stone, and other extremely tough materials. This means your bit must be even stronger.

While most masonry bits are designed to work with concrete, they only are strong enough for light concrete and not bricks.

Using a weaker masonry bit on brick or concrete could cause it to snap and break. Leaving you with a half drilled hole and no bit left to complete the job.

Drill Type

When selecting your masonry bit it is important to be aware of the drill type it will be being used with. Masonry drill bits often required a hammer drill or rotary hammer drill in order to be used effectively.

However, as you can see from the list above, some are not compatible with a hammer drill. Some may be compatible with a corded and cordless drill over a hammer drill.

It is important to know what type of drill you have and what type of drill the particular masonry bit is compatible with. Otherwise you could damage the drill, the masonry bit, the surface, and possibly even yourself.

Most masonry drill bits are not compatible with SDS drills. These are a type of hammer drill however, they are extremely powerful.

If using a masonry drill bit on an SDS drill ensure it is the right length and is durable enough to hold the power of the drill.

Drill Bit Types

While we have only discussed the masonry drill bit, once you have made an initial hole there are other drill bits to consider.

  • Double Flute: A double flute drill bit has broad grooves that wind around it to remove the most material possible as it penetrates masonry. In comparison to normal drill bits, the double flute design can drill through masonry and concrete twice as quickly. The shanks of double flute bits are designed to accommodate either regular or rotary hammer drills.
  • Saw Drill Bit: Large holes can be drilled through wood, metal, plastic, tile, and even glass with a hole saw bit. A saw blade goes around the rim of a saw drill bit, which is shaped like a cup. The drill is connected to the mandrel or arbor via which the blade is attached. Instead of a blade, saw drill bits designed to cut through masonry feature a diamond covering that smoothly grinds through tile, brick, and other masonry.
  • Rotary Percussion: A rotary percussion drill bit is used with a rotary hammer drill to drill through the material by rotating the drill bit and creating an impact action. A harder tip on a rotary percussion bit allows it to withstand the blow. The shank on these bits is designed to exclusively suit rotary hammer drills.

Drill Bit Size

Masonry drill bits are available in a variety of sizes in order to fit a lot of different tasks. The smallered masonry bits available are 3/16 inches in diameter while larger bits can be ½-inch.

Depending on the hole you are looking to drill, you must consider the size of the masonry bit. Most masonry bits come in a set of 3-15 pieces. Meaning that you can often find the right size within any set.

While it may be more expensive, buying a larger set which includes a wider range of sizes is sure to benefit you in the future over buying a set with limited sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Can I Use A Concrete Drill Bit?

The type of aggregate, the age of the concrete, the kind and sharpness of the bit, and the quantity of steel or rebar in the concrete are some of the variables that affect speed and bit life. Typically, each bit will allow you to drill between 150 and 250 holes.

What Drill Bit Should Be Used For Drilling Through Concrete?

Masonry bits are drill bits that can penetrate concrete. They work well for drilling into stone and masonry as well.

The best drill bits for solid concrete are those with tungsten carbide tips; the sharper the better. Concrete is pierced by masonry tools in two steps.


Finding the best drill bits for drilling through concrete can be difficult. So, we have taken all of the guesswork out of the equations and made it easy.

Above are 5 of the best concrete drill bits for you to choose from. You can get through the toughest of materials from blockwork to stone.

All you have to do is choose!