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How To Convert A Pressure Washer Into A Sewer Jetter

So, you have a pressure washer that you use for things like cleaning off your siding and washing down your deck or driveway. But now you need something a little different. If the basic steps for unclogging a sewer pipe aren’t cutting it, it’s time to level up your game. You need a sewer jetter that will let you clear out the drains around your house. Can you convert your pressure washer into a sewer jetter? Well, that’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

Getting Started

You’re going to need a conversion kit to turn your pressure washer into a sewer jetter. The good thing is, these kits are easy to find and they don’t have to be expensive either. That’s great because it means you can get the most use out of your washer, and that you don’t have to break the bank in order to do it. What could be better than that?

The second part is that this is actually relatively simple to do. You don’t need to have an engineering degree to turn your pressure washer into something else. You just need the conversion kit and a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to cleaning out your drains in no time at all.

Setting Up

Take the conversion kit and pull out all of the pieces. You’ll want to get your pressure washer set up first because this is going to be the main component of the whole process. If you don’t set up the pressure washer you have nothing to attach your conversion kit to.

Once you have it ready, attach the hose and run it directly to the drain that you want to clean out with your sewer jetter. You’ll want to remove the gun or wand that comes with the pressure washer and that you would usually use to direct the spray of water.

Instead, attach the ball valve, jumper hose and hose reel that come with your conversion kit. Then, attach the jetter hose onto the reel. You’ll use a nozzle of your choice to direct the water, but that’s all you need to do to be completely set up and ready to get started.

Using Your Sewer Jetter

From here, you’ve got the sewer jetter assembled and all you need to do is use the nozzle to direct the water and the other controls from your pressure washer to get everything done. You’ll be able to clear out the drain quickly and easily with the pressure from the washer itself.

What You’re Getting

The great thing about this process is you don’t have to buy a completely new piece of equipment. Sure, you have to buy the conversion kit to be able to clean out your sewer. But you don’t have to worry about a large piece of equipment that takes up a lot of space and only gets used occasionally.

With this system, you can just get another great use out of your pressure washer and then put it away when you don’t need it. The end result? Something that definitely will work for you.

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