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How Tight Should A Chainsaw Blade Be?

Getting your chainsaw blade tightened properly can be difficult, but it’s something you absolutely need to do in order to get the right outcome from it. If it’s too loose, you run the risk of it being thrown. If it’s too tight it may not turn properly and could overheat.

Getting it Right

So, how do you make sure that you have the right tension on your chainsaw chain? Well, there’s a process involved and we’re going to take a little closer look so you can make sure you’re getting it done right and keeping your chainsaw blade just right.

1. Make sure you know where the adjustment points are for the tension on your blade. Usually, you’ll find them in the side cover or at the front, but you may have to consult the owner’s manual for your chainsaw.

2. Turn the screws to get the ideal tightness. You’ll want to turn clockwise in order to get the chain tighter or turn counterclockwise to make it looser.

3. Use a scrench to loosen up the pin that controls the tension. Make sure that you’re holding onto the nose of the bar and that you check the instructions associated with the bar to get the right amount.

4. There should be some slack under the guide bar where the chain is. This shows that your tension is too loose. Tighten it up to make sure that the links fit into the guide bar. You want a slight amount of contact between the tie straps and the guide bar.

5. Practice sliding the chain over the top of the guide bar and toward the nose of the chainsaw. Make sure you have gloves during this process. If you can full it but the fit is tight then you’ve tightened it to the right level.

6. Snap the chain by pulling down a little on the chain under the guide bar, just so a couple of links come out. Then, release and see if they snap back. If they do then you’ve got the right tension.

Keeping it Right

Make sure that you monitor the tension of your chain throughout the process of using your chainsaw. If it loosens while you’re using it then you’ll want to tighten it back up again. But make sure that you let the chainsaw cool before you attempt to do anything with the chain.

Whenever you need to tension your chainsaw chain make sure that the chain itself and the chainsaw are cool. You should never use the chainsaw and then immediately tighten or loosen the chain as this can damage the unit and also cause injury for you. Your chainsaw can get quite hot under even short-term use.

So, how tight should your chainsaw chain be? You should be able to snap it easily into place when you pull the chain, and you should be able to move the chain freely toward the end of the saw but still feel that it’s snug.

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