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Manage Your Home With HomeZada

Time and money are two things that none of us seems to have enough of. If you own or manage any homes, then you know the importance of managing these can be a circus juggling act that makes anyone pull their hair out. Consider if there was an app to help ease this stress and allow you to save the time and money that is so easily spent trying to be diligent with your home. HomeZada can help you do just that!

What is HomeZada?

homezada appHomeZada is an online and mobile home management app with a smooth and easy to navigate interface that helps homeowners manage their home. With HomeZada, you can manage everything in your home from inventory, home maintenance tasks, to remodelling projects. This app will even help you keep up with all the financial details of your home, allowing you to make better decisions such as starting improvement projects or if it might be time to sell.

There is also a professional version which allows real estate professionals such as agents, builders, and mortgage companies, to build and maintain a digital relationship with their customers by offering the HomeZada app to their clients. They do this by giving their clients a free first-year premium subscription to the HomeZada app, which can include personalised brandings such as company or agent logos.

HomeZada Gives You the Tools

homezada mobile appThere are many tools available through the HomaZada app, for both personal and professional use. Depending on your needs, this app can help you save time and money when dealing with matters of the home. For the professional version, you can offer your clients these tools regardless of the home service you provide, which will enable a more trusting and effective relationship with the clients.

The tools you get to manage your home:

  • Manage Home Improvements
  • Home Maintenance Scheduling
  • Home Inventory
  • Home Financials
  • Real Estate Market
  • Homeowner Lifecycle
  • With HomeZada for Professionals, you can:

Develop a “Trusted Adviser” position with the homeowner

  • Premium corporate branding ad featured in mobile, web, and email
  • Go beyond the loan by providing a suite of apps to manage the home
  • Increase cross-selling and referral business from loyal customers

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Who can benefit?


Take advantage of the many invaluable features found within the HomeZada app, all of which include saving money. How do you know if your insurance policy will cover all of your belongings in case of the inevitable? Track your home’s inventory with this app, and print a PDF file for your agent. This can make sure you are insured enough, and not paying extra for too much of a policy.

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance and improvement projects can have a very positive impact on the longevity of your home. HomeZada can tell you what maintenance items need to be performed and when, and can track each item with cost and pictures as they are completed. In the same way, you can track all of your home improvement projects. Enter in contractor or material estimates and costs, add some pictures, and keep tabs of which were completed.

Financial planning is a very important means of ensuring peace of mind. HomeZada can help you with the finances of your home. Track your mortgage payments and payoff, interest and equity calculations, and even property taxes. They can help manage household expenses with a monthly cash flow budget. With so many features available, it would be more expensive to not sign up with HomeZada.

Do you own rental or vacation homes? Help with home matters with any of your family? HomeZada for Home allows you to manage up to three properties! Managing your own property can be headache enough, this app allows you to save time and money by tracking and keeping up with all you need to so they all run like a smooth sailing ship!


Take advantage of HomeZada Essentials to help manage inventory and receive newsletters to help maximise your efforts in making your pad a home. Not to worry, if later on you move into a house and want to take advantage of the other features, you can always upgrade your existing account at any time.

Home Professionals

Offer your clients value-added solutions to the inventory and home maintenance needs, track maintenance and projects for multiple single-family homes, and so much more! Whether you are an Insurance agent, Mortgage broker, Real Estate agent, or builder – HomeZada for professionals offers many benefits. They offer you a chance to build a long and lasting relationship with your clients through the HomeZada app.

Signing up for the Professional Version is ideal for:

  • Insurance Agents
  • Mortgage and Loan Officers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Builders
  • Service Providers

What’s the Cost?

There are two simple options for HomeZada for homeowners, Essentials and Premium. With Essentials, you get Home Inventory and a Newsletter, all for Free! If you want to take advantage of all that HomeZada has to offer, you can choose the Premium version for $7.95/month, or pay $59 for the entire year, which will save you $36.

HomeZada pricing

For the Professional version, the cost is simply a one-time fee for $50/property. This gives your clients HomeZada Premium free to them for one year, at which time they can choose to renew for themselves. Keep your brand a part of your clients’ apps even after their first year is up by paying an additional $5 per client per year, which can help guarantee repeat services to customers throughout the years to come. You can pick and choose which clients you want to keep your brand, if not all of them.

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HomeZada, the Right Choice!

Time and money are the two resources we all have trouble saving, and HomeZada can help with both. This home management app will give you and your clients peace of mind with finance and maintenance tracking, and even help ease the confusion related to home improvement projects. Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for stopping by!

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