Can You Pressure Wash in Cold Weather?

Pressure washing in cold weather

Are you looking to clean up your yard, house, driveway, car, or something else around your home? If you are, then you’re probably planning on using a pressure washer, but you might not be looking to do it in the height of summer. That’s where you might start wondering about how the weather affects your …

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Will a Pressure Washer Remove Weeds?


Taking care of your house and property involves a lot of different things, and one that you might be thinking about is getting rid of weeds. But who actually likes the process of weeding? Especially when you’re trying to get rid of weeds growing up between the pieces of your sidewalk or garage. That’s when …

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Can You Pressure Wash in the Rain?

Pressure washing in the rain

So, you want to make sure that your yard or your house are really cleaned and the rain that’s currently coming down from the sky isn’t quite enough for you. What does that mean? Can you get out your pressure washer and help the water along a little? Well, if you’re wondering can you pressure …

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